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RSS Feeds from GLRI-WHER

Several GeoRSS feeds are available from the GLRI-WHER application.  These feeds can be added to your feed reader application (e.g. Google Reader, Bloglines, FeedDemon) and will let you know when new data arrive.  Feed readers can be set to run in the background on your local computer and pop up notifications when updates arrive, or you can choose to run them or navigate to them for web-based readers and read when it is convenient for you. 

GeoRSS Feeds!?  What are those?

The RSS feeds available from GLRI-WHER contain simple geographic information so that you can pull the information into other applications where the geographic information can be consumed.  One location where the information is consumed is on Google Maps.  Any of the feed URLs can be plugged into the search box on Google Maps to get a quick view of what has been observed.

Users can also use these feeds in their own web applications to pull the data from GLRI-WHER into their own mashups or views.      

Event feeds

If you're interested in as-it-happens notice of event observations being entered into GLRI-WHER, you can subscribe or follow the RSS feeds that the application offers.  The event feed offers information about every event recorded, regardless of whether or not it includes an animal observation.  For feeds specific to animal involvement, see below

You can review the following information about each event, where entered: Sampling Event ID, State/Admin Unit (e.g. US State or Canadian Province), Country, US County, Latitude, Longitude, Zebra mussels present on shore?, Quagga mussels present on shore?, Cladophora present on shore?, Chara present?, Recent Storm event?, Group.  For more information about these fields, see this blog post.

A general RSS feed with all the event reports submitted to GLRI-WHER is available.  There are also state-specific feeds which users who are interested in what is going on in a particular area can follow. 

All reports options:
By default, the RSS feeds only offer the last 20 events reported.  Get in touch if you would like to learn more about modifying the feed URL to return more results.

State/Administrative Unit-specific options for Events feeds:

Animal observation feeds

If you are interested in when an animal is involved in an event, you can subscribe to the following feed. The feed contains observations of animals observed during routine monitoring activities submitted to the GLRI WHER or opportunistic reports. 

Unless there is indication that some # of the animals are dead (e.g. a Total Dead number is displayed), the observation could be of an injured/sick animal, or a healthy animal. Make sure you read the feed information carefully.

Get in touch if you would like to discuss other options for RSS feeds from GLRI-WHER.  

State/Administrative Unit-specific options for Animals Observed feeds: